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#NOVEMBarh is the first hackathon of the architect’s community in Romania, with already two successful editions: 2017 & 2018. #NOVEMBarh brings together 300 participants, architects from all over Romania and their guests from related fields, for an intensive 16 hours marathon of ideas. Through collaboration, communication, finding shared interests, teamwork and an action drive-mindset, 30 teams work simultaneously, to create viable prototype solutions, on a business modeling approach. Solutions are both oriented towards creating a better built environment and enhancing the professional ecosystem. The hackathon has been from the start supported by a growing #NOVEMBarh community of Romanian architects, urbanists, designers and their collaborators, who understand the importance of coming together, with their unique individual expertise, to support a greater vision, of an entire community of professionals, for a safer and better quality built environment.

Third edition coming on November 23, 2019. All 32 solutions from 2018 and more details on joining the community are available online:

Thanks go to the team: Florin Enache, Cristian Onofrei, Sergiu Petrea, Alexandru Sumanariu, Ovidiu Grigorescu, Bogdan Udrescu, Olariu Cristina, Ioana Cotae, Mădălina Neagu, Andrei Fenyo, Horia Bejan

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